Pet Coffee Mugs

During our many years in business, we gave away—from time to time— promotional freebies to our legions of loyal customers. Pet Nosh T-shirts were popular giveaways through the years, as were coffee mugs that commemorated our tenth-year anniversary in business and another heralding our newly acquired 1-800 number. The reason for this particular stroll down memory lane revolves around the actual costs of these items to us. Imprinted coffee mugs with our logo and such printed on them didn’t break the bank. This is our circuitous way of introducing you to the entrepreneurial possibilities of selling pet coffee mugs.

Besides our promotional coffee mugs, customers of ours also purchased coffee mugs from us featuring sketches of the most popular cat and dog breeds. People buy coffee mugs for themselves. Sometimes they sip java from them—other times they place them on the mantle or curio shelf. They buy them as gifts. In other words, pet-themed mugs, drink ware, and glassware have a market. Again, it’s up to you to determine what you want to put on the coffee mugs, beer mugs, travel mugs, etc. The right design or petthemed verbiage could easily locate an audience of thirsty buyers.

How Much Does It Cost to Start This Kind of Business? You could inaugurate your pet coffee mug business with a small, upfront investment of $500 or even less than that.

What Qualifications Do You Need for This Kind of Work? You need a good idea or design to put on the pet coffee mug. You also must possess the capacity to convert this winning idea into an attractive piece of merchandise. If you meet these two criteria, you can sell pet coffee mugs in the marketplace.

How Do You Find Customers? Mugs and their many drinking buddies are the perfect pieces of merchandise to sell at pet-specialty shows, to retailers, and in cyberspace.

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