What Animals Tell Us

As i have described, there is much to discover from communing with animals who are no longer on earth—but I must emphasise that we can learn from them while they’re still with us in the physical sense. Especially the wild animals. I can’t overstate this: animals know what humans have forgotten, which is the importance of staying connected to your core or intuitive self. That means to remain grounded and in communion with all life.

Animals are masters of intuition. They have never been told that intuition doesn’t exist, or that it’s made up. Lucky them! Animals don’t have any cultural limitations as people do; they communicate intuitively all the time within, and outside, their own species. Just think about the wonder and the majesty of that.

As far as I’m concerned, this could explain the odd ways animals can react to a new person, animal or situation they don’t feel comfortable with. How many times have you been mystified with just such a scenario? Animals have also been known to alert their owner to an impending medical emergency, such as an epileptic fit. They can also predict natural disasters by changes in their behaviour before earthquakes, storms and volcanoes. This was indeed the case before the devastating 2004 tsunami. Animals were seen to leave the area and head for higher ground hours before it struck, and animals in zoos in the area wouldn’t come out of their enclosures. Very few animals lost their lives in that tragedy, compared to the hundreds of thousands of people who were unaware of the imminent disaster.

The truth is that animals are in tune with the natural biorhythms of this planet, while we have lost the connection. In a changing world of technology—especially in western societies—people have also become more obsessed with their careers and material trappings, so being biorhythmically attuned goes by the wayside. By and large, we no longer know how to be still, and how to quieten our minds. A state of just being seems to be impossible for most people, but it’s a necessity if you want to hear the inner you, and to find your connection to the natural world.

Minds are in a constant state of chatter with the incessant stimulation of computers, TVs, radios, iPods and all the rest of it, so the opportunity for peace is greatly reduced. People don’t ever seem to be in silence, alone with themselves. This gives rise to increased stress and anxiety in our everyday lives.

Having high or unreasonable expectations of ourselves is another main cause of stress, but animals can show us to take what comes and work with it. They still manage to purr, wag their tails and make the most of any situation. Now that’s certainly something to contemplate.

These days everyone is in a hurry. Particularly the younger set which prefers technological stimulants rather than a walk in the forest, being absorbed in a personal development book or just sitting by the ocean and watching an exquisite sunset. Perhaps they have had little opportunity to experience these things, to know the difference. Animals will always choose to be in natural, peaceful surroundings over settings that are noisy and congested.

Most people don’t realise why they are not at ease with themselves or their environment. Or why they’re constantly searching for something, anything, to make them truly happy. My belief is that, without knowing it, we’re actually trying to find that lost connection. The connection that not only enables us to look inside ourselves, but to connect with everything in the universe for wholeness.

Here’s an irony: more and more people look for solitude and serenity only in a place of nature. They’ll spend thousands of dollars retreating to a tropical island or sailing down a picturesque fjord to try and maintain their sanity. Yet most of the human race are hell-bent on creating more cities and stimulants! Have we not yet worked it out? Happiness and serenity come from within; from what we create for ourselves. Being in these calm environments allows us to truly find and hear ourselves. Watch the animals in these natural environments and you will see inner tranquility in its purist form.

Animals can clearly show us what harmony is all about, and if you observe them closely, they sure seem to have everything worked out. Numerous species can live in one area and coexist without drama. They don’t have wars—they spar merely to protect territories, and only to the death when it’s necessary for survival. Once the sparring is over, a grudge or resentment isn’t held; they simply walk away. Human wars, on the other hand, can go on for years, and hatred between people can linger long afterwards with longterm repercussions.

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